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About Us

Key Data Systems is an educational research, data management, and systems development company.

We provide a comprehensive suite of services so that teachers, schools, and districts are armed with the data and information they need to help students achieve the increasingly high academic standards.

Key Data Systems offers a comprehensive list of services intended to help schools and districts ensure that students achieve academically. We offer a wide range of reports, longitudinal data profiles, data management systems, and assessment tools that provide valuable information allowing for data driven decision-making.

Key Data Systems also offers services intended to help schools and districts manage and understand the data that they must generate and submit to comply with state and federal grants and mandated submissions. Some of these services include: program evaluation, which allows one to investigate school programs for effectiveness, impact, and level of implementation; data presentations; and staff development.

While we believe in data-driven decision making when it comes to test performance, relationships are the lifeblood of our business. We maintain close relationships with the county offices, districts, schools, and teachers that we serve. Listening to their needs and responding accordingly enables us to create and evolve materials that have real-world relevance to the classroom. These personal relationships are the key to our innovative services.

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