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Inspect®. . . More Than an Item Bank

To help educators truly prepare their students for today’s College and Career Readiness Standards, we have developed the Inspect® formative assessment item bank, which also includes a suite of more than 500 pre-built assessments. Our solution offers an industry-leading combination of rigor, innovation, and integrity in one package.

The result is an ease of assessment delivery that provides specific feedback to teachers so they can quickly inform instruction to increase learning.

Key Features

  • 100,000+ items designed specifically for today’s College and Career Readiness Standards
  • State-specific Science and Social Studies for CA, TX, FL, and GA
  • Pre-built Interim Formative Assessments easily modified to align to your district’s pacing
  • Pre-built End-of-Year Practice Assessment prepare students and teachers for high-stakes testing
  • Detailed Distractor Rationales and Rubrics arm teachers with specific data for quick, targeted feedback
  • Classroom Checkpoint Assessments save teachers time with ready-to-use mini-assessments

Other key features included within Inspect®:

  • Technology-Enhanced Items
  • Spanish-Transadapted and Translated Assessments
  • Math Acceleration Placement Test
  • Early Literacy and Early Numeracy Assessments
  • SBAC Interim Block Mirror Assessments
  • English Language Development Benchmarks
  • Item-Level Metadata
  • Quantitative (Lexile, Flesch-Kincaid) and Qualitative Passage Measures
  • Detailed Distractor Rationales and Rubrics
  • Item Integrity Development Process
  • Ongoing Item Analysis
  • Performance Tasks
  • New Items Monthly
  • Access to Assessment Specialists

Inspect® is provided to you by our assessment delivery partners. Please click here for a complete list.

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