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Professional Development

We stay up to date on all practices related to today’s College and Career Readiness Standards. We provide teachers, schools, districts, and county offices cutting-edge professional development with a current focus on their states’ standards, assessment, and current state and federal accountability systems. We provide practical guidance on how to improve student achievement as measured by performance on state and local assessments. We will also work with you to collaboratively assess your needs and design appropriate professional development.

  • In-depth understanding of high-rigor, college and career readiness standards at teacher and administrative levels
  • Develop high-quality assessments and assessment plans for your district
  • Hands-on instructional training for teachers
  • All trainings customizable to meet the needs of your state, district, or site
  • Utilize the power of the Inspect® Item Bank and Comprehensive Assessment Solution

Comprehensive Assessment Planning

Our Inspect® team works with districts to develop a comprehensive assessment plan, which includes quality assessments that are customized to your instructional pacing. We offer various assessment development models to meet the specific needs of your district.

Revise From a Base – Our Inspect® team creates assessments that are aligned to your specific instructional pacing and guidelines. We then facilitate revisions with teacher teams to refine the assessments and ensure they reflect your assessment and instructional needs.

Custom District-Developed Assessments– We work with teacher teams to facilitate on-site assessment development where we go over how to develop quality assessments aligned to your specific instructional pacing.

Using Data to Guide Instruction

We provide steps on how to use data to gain insight into academic challenges, potential best practices, areas of opportunity, and potential for academic growth. Learn how to use assessment data to determine actionable decisions that enhance learning and ensure college and career readiness for all students.

Inspect® is provided to you by our assessment delivery partners. Please click here for a complete list.

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