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Formative Assessment Item Bank

To meet today’s rigorous College and Career Readiness Standards, items must be both innovative and developed with high levels of integrity. Our innovative item types are designed specifically to meet today’s standards and provide specific feedback to teachers so they can quickly inform instruction to increase learning. Inspect® includes the following item types:

  • Multiple choice, single correct
  • Evidence-based selected response
  • Hot text: select text
  • Equation/Numeric
  • Drag and drop
  • Hotspot
  • Drop down
  • Multiple choice, multiple correct
  • Constructed Response
  • Matching Tables
  • Fill-in tables
  • Graphing
  • Multi-part

Inspect® employs one of the most demanding item writing processes in the industry. Each item must be unanimously approved by three separate content experts for acceptance. Item writers must maintain an 85% acceptance rate to continue contributing to the item bank. Finally, statistical data are collected and analyzed on an ongoing basis. This ensures the items within the item bank are psychometrically sound.

Inspect® is provided to you by our assessment delivery partners. Please click here for a complete list.

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