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Comprehensive and End-Of-Year Assessments

  • Aligned with the SBAC and PARCC blueprints (separate assessments) for tested grade levels
  • Available in grades 3-11 for both ELA and math
  • Items specify Webb’s Depth of Knowledge, Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy, and Standards for Mathematical Practice alignments
  • Aligned to your consortium’s reporting clusters (e.g., Claims, Targets, Sub-Claims, Task Types)
  • Include innovative item types that require deeper thinking
  • Multiple choice, including those with more than one correct answer and two parts
  • Includes constructed response, extended constructed response, audio passages to assess listening standards, and technology-enhanced items

Listen to the presentation and answer the following question(s).

Comprehensive and End-of-Year assessments should be used for formative purposes. When given four to six weeks prior to high-stakes testing, results can be used to identify best practices and reteaching strategies, allowing for intervention to target specific disconnects in learning.

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