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NGSS Formatives

We know that teachers want classroom assessments that can quickly and flexibly inform instruction. That’s why our NGSS Formative Assessments address Performance Expectations as well as the three dimensions of science learning.

In order to address these three dimensions, each assessment includes 3-5 PE Modules that each address one Performance Expectation. Each PE Module includes an experimental context with associated items, including technology-enhanced items.

  • Prebuilt assessments help teachers make a smooth transition to NGSS
  • Assessments written specifically to address NGSS and elicit evidence of learning from each response to give teachers insight into student progress and customize instruction
  • Embeds PD by showing the relationship among specific performance expectations, the three dimensions, and higher-order thinking
  • Embeds cross-curricular alignments to College and Career Readiness Standards in English Language Arts & Mathematics
  • PE Modules can be organized to flexibly match your scope and sequence

The solution includes:

  1. Third through Fifth-grade and middle-school assessments address the Topics Model.
  2. High-school assessments address the Modified Domains Model.
  3. Each assessment addresses one Bundle or Unit.
  4. Each Bundle addresses two to six Performance Expectations (PE).
  5. Each PE is assessed by a PE Module. Each PE Module includes a context/stimulus and two to five associated items, which cover the breadth and depth of the PE.
  6. All items include distractor rationales and/or detailed rubrics.
  7. Item types include Multiple Choice, Multiple Correct Answer, Linked Multiple Choice, Technology Enhanced, and Constructed Response.
  8. NGSS Performance Tasks that integrate two of the four science domains and at least two of the three dimensions of science learning.

* NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve and is included as reference only.

Teachers are at the heart of successful formative assessment programs. They work hard to make use of state and district assessment data and expectations to bring their teaching practices to the next level. But often, that information is too late and not specific enough. This offering adds specific, targeted formative assessment resources for teachers, and all educators, to quickly impact instruction.

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